Entering the Battlesnake competition

A sport for professional programmers


In 2019, team "Plan Do Check Act" entered a programming competition called Battlesnake.  Battlesnake is an international programming competition.  It goes like this:

Build a snake bot and compete with other developers

Step 1: Write a program to play the game Snake
Step 2: Deploy using whatever technology you like
Step 3: Battle other snakes and compete in arenas!

Creating a Team called "Plan Do Check Act"

A fledgling snake loses lot.  As the snake's programmer, I started turning losses into challenges.  For example, when the snake and I lost because we ran into another snake's head, we took it as a challenge to program ourselves to avoid moving to squares that could end up creating a head-on problem.  Then, if we lost because we didn't take the opportunity to make a head-kill, that created a challenge to program ourselves to initiate offensive strikes.

We started to follow an improvement process called Plan Do Check Act, where we would play a game, check for opportunities to make a better move, and modify the code in iterations.

Upon entering our first competition, we named ourselves after this improvement process.  This video shows our very first Battlesnake competition.

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